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Creating Safe Structures for Festivals and Gatherings — Scaffolding Hire

Summer is here, and thankfully here in Ireland, there is plenty to do. Maybe you’re heading to an event this summer like a music festival, sports match, or exhibition; but behind each of these events is a lot of preparation like building stages or installing artwork and signage. A lot of these installations must be undertaken at a height which is why organisers will need to avail of commercial scaffolding hire. As a leading provider of scaffolding hire and commercial scaffolding services, we have extensive experience in designing and installing event scaffolding, but there’s a lot more to it underneath the surface…

Building a solid scaffolding foundation

One of the first considerations of hosting a large-scale event is the construction of temporary structures. Scaffolding plays a crucial role in providing a safe and sturdy framework upon which these structures can be built. With Vertex Scaffolding's comprehensive scaffolding hire services, we offer the expertise and equipment necessary to ensure the success of your event.

Venue Analysis and Assessment

Before designing and installing event scaffolding, we will conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of the event venue. Factors such as ground conditions, available space, and access points need to be evaluated to determine the most suitable scaffolding design.

Load-Bearing Capacity

One of the primary concerns in event scaffolding design is ensuring the structures can bear the weight they will be subjected to. In concert stages, exhibition booths, or spectator grandstands, the scaffolding must be engineered to withstand the expected load, ensuring the safety of performers, attendees, and equipment.

Structural Stability and Rigidity

Event scaffolding must be designed to withstand various environmental conditions, including wind, rain, and uneven terrain – particularly in Ireland with our unpredictable weather!

Rigidity and stability are paramount to preventing accidents and ensuring the structures can withstand external forces.

Access Points

Efficient movement of people and equipment within the temporary structures is paramount for event operations. Careful consideration should be given to the placement of access and egress points in the scaffolding design, ensuring smooth flow and minimizing congestion.

Throughout the duration of the event, our team conducts regular inspections to identify any potential hazards or structural issues. Any necessary maintenance or repairs are promptly carried out to maintain the integrity and safety of the scaffolding so that in the unlikely event of an emergency, Vertex Scaffolding establishes clear and efficient evacuation procedures. These protocols are communicated to all personnel involved, ensuring a quick and organised response to any potential risks.

Additional Information on Scaffolding Hire

For additional information on safe structures at festivals and scaffolding hire, please contact our offices today.

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